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don’t look at the sun, just love it

there was always this light refracting, reflecting, nourishing this sun all life basks in or stretches leaves toward an energy to capture or revel inside how does something timeless feel so new?

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Trapped in Leviticus

they are trapped in the thou shalt nots & forget forgiveness, quoting over & over a book wiped away by the new covenant; twisting theology to fit their own brand of rightness why are we silent, opening our mouths only … Continue reading

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nothing in common

you ask why I love you & I answer, because of how you love the way you bring it to me with such tenderness & singularity a word I once used to describe my own offering of self to you; … Continue reading

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Creek walk haiku: 2 haiku

dragonfly stalks, skims & hovers over water– delicate hunter *** if light shaped music the sun would chime reflections dancing on water

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you have steered my light off its path & separated it into broken, shining ribbons the colors are beautiful but if I follow this bent beam I will be lost forever to your prismatic vision that does not see the … Continue reading

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because I did not think my heart needed shielding you just walked inside, one kiss key to all my locks

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waiting for the storm

everything I am stretches towards & yearns to burn electric my skin rippling pure energy barely time to say yes & again that same yes a strike that cannot be cooled by just rain after thunder rattles my bones with … Continue reading

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