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Post-Racialism in a World of Niggers and Crackers

Originally posted on Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World:
I continue to be intrigued by this idea of post racialism and am still trying to figure out exactly what that looks like. Some people are afraid, and rightly so, that…

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some days

Some days must be met mouth open, gasped to swallow a heat that stains mouths shameless. Dizzy on sweet, aimless as bees tasting turned nectar we circle the day.  This is the dance. We know it, choreographed not in steps but hours, … Continue reading

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We are too far from dust

We are too far from dust in this high bed for dreaming. I am no princess, sleepless for the sake of a cowpea under a mountain of mattresses. Make love to me on sisal. Twigs and all, let me sleep close … Continue reading

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Words From a Hat: Gender-bending (Dada random scramble)

some lived men culturally of displays and sequins 1970’s the preening as most nature their proudly effort who thanks Stardust it experience their todays with like badge shoes latest species stuff makeup glam dabbled power that grooming to Ziggy the peacocks … Continue reading

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Laughing until I cry…

This is hysterical!,32687/

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Zoar II

Is there anything simple about this water, veiling the canyon face to softness? There is a reason this old-growth forest stands, uncut, though we deceive ourselves with gentle currents sliding to rapids and shifting depths without warning. Here, night happens … Continue reading

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