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OK, I love my internet search results, but really?

I believe the answer is they GROW them.  Hope you liked my Christmas tree farm poem, but I am not sure you (whoever you are) were  intelligent enough to read.

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Haiku Heights: Storm

radar-swirled colors are blameless, tell the story of wind moving sea

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new world magic

new world magic is different. the Cherokee say when the earth was mud risen from water, grandfather buzzard sank valleys & lifted mountains with his careless wings & they told of a world under this one whose people knew summers in our … Continue reading

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Force (erasure)

Text from “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau.  Erasure by Susan Daniels…   not born to be forced I breathe my own not responsible for working of the machine– when an acorn and chestnut fall both obey their laws we slept … Continue reading

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some thoughts on early winter

there are things winter owns besides this  axial tilt shortening days & steaming breath it is icicle teeth grazing the edge of the roof hungry for the heat inside & how the moon, no longer warm readies her blades to sketch … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Rule of Stupid:
In the town where I reside the main shopping area is a fairly large sprawl. For all you Americans, yes, I know, it’s barely a block – but for England, it’s a large sprawl.…

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I like the taste of meat that blood kissing fire in that not quite caramelization the civilized call Maillard but I’m not civilized & maybe if I thought of cows instead of beef & those birds I named instead of chicken before … Continue reading

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