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Haiku Heights Prompt: Desert (two meanings & two pronunciations)

1. no dry is deeper sun steals water from our mouths sieves our cactus skin 2. you leave me empty & broken, the robin’s egg craving its yolk

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the physical properties of desire

  the sigh that drives everything desire is simply desire & here we reach for each other, welcoming our bridge of words and silence mirroring the draw between atoms echoing the loneliness of God for Adam the want of earth to hold … Continue reading

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the art of ripples

by whose hand does wind become a gentle paintbrush wildly spreading light?

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language here is archaic and spiced with alchemy:  12 signs flowing through those 4 elements, ruled by planets dancing in houses, the essential locations of the moon, the sun, the degree of rotation of the earth in relationship to those other … Continue reading

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don’t look at the sun, just love it

there was always this light refracting, reflecting, nourishing this sun all life basks in or stretches leaves toward an energy to capture or revel inside how does something timeless feel so new?

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Creek walk haiku: 2 haiku

dragonfly stalks, skims & hovers over water– delicate hunter *** if light shaped music the sun would chime reflections dancing on water

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