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Lois (Alzheimer poem #6): How to write an S

the kitchen table was our battleground: if I could read at 2 then surely I could create an “S” at 3, she said & I shaped them backwards or slumped them along lined paper sideways, like snakes trying wildly to … Continue reading

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earth women

for Nancy Yes, we fight & love our men with a vengeance it is because we know the slow passage of silent rivers moving underground deeper still the volcanic pulse of molten gold & iron the spin of the planet … Continue reading

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my sister’s ghost

Twice I saw her in dreams; the first time I carried her weightless in a basket on my back. No one saw her but me, & she wrapped her arms around my neck & murmured in my ear how to … Continue reading

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the elephant in the room

the elephant in the room none of us want to talk about is trumpeting morals like he invented them he is for saving the unborn & eager to kill them when they grow up– call it war or capital punishment– … Continue reading

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Short lived gifts

If you have not been lucky enough to stumble across this man’s poetry—-PLEASE read this!  I give you merely an example of what he can do with language 🙂 Short lived gifts.

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4/30: Zest

skinning thinly, joy can be peeled off bitter tears– zest from acid fruit

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Cultural Graffiti

****This is an old, old poem I am revising, as I believe it still has relevance today.  This does have strong language in it (I use a word in here I have never said–ever, and I don’t read this one … Continue reading

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