I am without words 
which are weapons 
& wrap me like arms 
without rocking
& rest heavy against my chest 
the way a bulletproof vest would 
if I had one 

if we all had one 
I wouldn't be writing 
about 10 people in a grocery store
or 19 children & 2 teachers

I might even have words 
instead of tears
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metaphysical geometry and other foolery

if I count magic
in the space between your breaths
& not what is measured
in the numbering of them

I will know
that life happens
past proof
of where it has been

& in spite of it

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Another 9/11

20 years later
On September 10th
The memorials begin

And I can't surf the wreckage
Of another tower
Or count the ashes 
Of lives sacrificed
In a Pennsylvania field again

We've been here before

Tomorrow I will remember
The moment the second plane hit
And how frantic I was to hold my daughter
Because I still could
On that day full of so much losing
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Used to it

I didn't get over losing you easy,
Your name still a whisper under my tongue.
I woke up today counting the years of it
On my fingers: 26 without you.

This year is different.  
Now, I am the last of us,
Our once large family 
that filled a station wagon
I'm all that's left,
The curator of a collection
Few come to visit,
Though I wait for guests,
Dusting off what's special
And smiling at the rest.
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Wrapped in the flag

Dressed like lady liberty
Raising a plastic torch
That never burns

You riot for America

Sedition swaddled comfortably
In the flag

So you can call it patriotism
If patriots can't lose
Without spilling blood or tears

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Yhe vice president
got vaccine today
while the tally crawled
over 300,000

The vice president
got a shot in the arm
while evictions hover
& utility bills climb

The vice president
mourns the economy
more than the dead
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Pandemic winter

Finally the snow comes
To cover over what's raw
The naked dirt of fresh graves

Though we still live.
The plumes of breath escaping masks prove it.
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