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a ninja goes to school today

a ninja goes to school today minus the rainbow sword so he won’t kill witches or werewolves we save it for him to shake at ghosts whispering in leaves tonight & to slice shadows lighted pumpkins will throw

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the temporary ponders the lasting

if i say we are grass grown fast & faded to fodder for time’s mouth– if i say we are snow what is unique in us melted & lost in water cycling we are stone children born in the beginning from a … Continue reading

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losing by degrees (what we don’t give up)

there are degrees of loss, of forgetting & misplacing that span a hunt for car keys to that final tearing away of death we need different words for separations because some carry more weight, like that yielding we call sacrifice & own only in the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on BroadBlogs:
Some men wonder why they objectify women. So Jayson Gaddis asked men on his Facebook page why they thought they did, and then he wrote about it for The Good Men Project. What is objectification? Jayson…

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the i that sees

the i that sees & she who feels sum this am who does   ***for Octpowrimo, the prompt is “individuality,” AKA, who am I.

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this is what we do here

We had a mayor in Buffalo once who invited the spring of life protests here, but did have something smart to say about weather, if not politics.  During the blizzard of ’85, his advice to the populace was to “Stay inside, grab … Continue reading

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the feeling you lift up from inside & hold out in your hands perfect in its singleness, unbroken breaks me

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