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Day 30 self-cento

Worth skimming, but I do not fear drowning. and roller coasters. it takes millennia to make anything worked deep into spring soil the way bears know it, so they are smarter than us, than any made rose broken on pavement (even if … Continue reading

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intentional weeds

edible yellow interweaving clover small suns tangle in forget-me-nots stain feet dark brown as cinquefoil grabs ankles and there, wild thyme low-slung oregano scents  mornings after mowing who wants a day smelling only of orchard grass no matter how sweet that … Continue reading

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Praise Sunday: Best Blogs (w/c April 28th)

I am completely thrilled that my poem was chosen for this post! Beautifully done, with excerpts, etc.

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lune(acy): A Collom lune chain

If I say peepers chime new constellations,  danced along the treeline, instead of simply sighing because  beauty breaks sweet these spring nights, blame the moon for this clarity, my blood spun into sound that only perigee can make sing.

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It’s not a poem unless it rhymes

Poems are not fossilized insects, caught mid-buzz in amber, shakespeared museum pieces with the correct number of feet in the meter, waiting to be dusted off and counted, or fizzed in pop culture, orange soda shaken and hallmarked to the … Continue reading

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La Carte du Tendre

I never made a map to myself, except through poetry. I am open country not requiring a guide, unless one wants to summon flora and fauna by name. That women needed to explain themselves through an intricate game could be a … Continue reading

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stones, bones, and perigee

moonset near perigee pulls my blood into a fall east and I want to worship it spin unhinged the way a dervish does or maybe strut a more choreographed joy like a bollywood dancer raising one eyebrow flirted in time to … Continue reading

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