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We are pretty plastic, poured and molded To the same shape.  Push us out of cardboard, Precut, with slits for paper dress tabs, a uniform Chain of girls, patterned, pressed, and folded, Always holding hands.  We know our place And stay … Continue reading

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How to organise a team building exercise

Originally posted on nobodysreadingme:
You can pay a lot of money to have ‘experts’ come along to your company or organisation and teach your staff all about teams and cooperation. Thousands of pounds. Or you can do it on the…

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A planting haiku

tearing apart roots spun too long in small spaces– the break before bloom This was sort of inspired by Paul’s lovely haiku, here: I love when that happens!

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mermaids (bad tv)

Those singing mermaids– I want to tell him I have heard them too, weaving whispers for dolphin ears where we can’t live, but still crave a cradle of water and salt, not unlike where we first learned the mechanics of  breath. Their … Continue reading

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Stravinsky said there was no tradition behind his rite, that he simply wrote what he heard, the vessel through which the sacre passed, and this is ritual without rote, a rise of all things rooted in dirt.  There is nothing … Continue reading

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There are mornings whose blues are unspeakable, whose yellows are far too dandelion to dilute under sun. You should have died in November. I could count you in raw clouds, reflected in reds rotting to brown. I could paint all color … Continue reading

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sometimes sky is less window to stars or blue we breathe and more mouth

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