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100 kA over 80 seconds

I have no patience for saints or ministering angels Instead let my life the work and power of it be testimony enough fast and deadly as lightning in a June garden

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James was right about a lot of things

James was right about a lot of things and if he heard the words your lips made he would wonder if you would try ever to kiss me with that mouth or if I could taste past the bitterness rolled … Continue reading

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complex in simplicity

complex in simplicity this flesh knows its workings & I move thankfully unaware of it, unknowing the small daily living and dying off of what makes me those cellular selves echoing the deep fingerprint of the hands that shaped not … Continue reading

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don’t look at the sun, just love it

there was always this light refracting, reflecting, nourishing this sun all life basks in or stretches leaves toward an energy to capture or revel inside how does something timeless feel so new?

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stones and water

everything here is stone & water; the slow moulding of glacier leavings by centuries of water wearing its path there is life flickering alongside & through this unhurried, subtle grind; evident in fossils & water spiders that skate on surface … Continue reading

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Honeymoon Island, Florida, 1995

The beach I walked daily after my sister died was just a beautiful backdrop for my constant conversation with God.  I framed a question to infinity, continuous in asking & still no answer, my voice incessant as waves raking sand … Continue reading

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because a door has unlocked behind my eyes & begins to open I see with new brightness I am whole again & my words once trapped beneath a tongue that could no longer shape them paralyzed with grief are again … Continue reading

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