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James was right about a lot of things

James was right about a lot of things and if he heard the words your lips made he would wonder if you would try ever to kiss me with that mouth or if I could taste past the bitterness rolled … Continue reading

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Before Babylon was synonymous with sin, what she sold was holy, the closest we got to paradise when the dead went nowhere but down, jealous of ritual meals and scant libations. Now, she paints her mouth redder than nightshade, sweet poison. For … Continue reading

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A Haiku a Day in April

Well, as I am sure you are aware, April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate, the folks at Haiku Heights (click on the name for more info) are running a haiku-a-day challenge, with prompts.  I am not sure I … Continue reading

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Wow. Good Friday, Shrinks style. Love it.

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what parent chooses one child over another or a people sending frogs and flies to prove a point of preference the blood on the lintels, the bodies of children shattered like clay pots the shouts of those parents, echoed are … Continue reading

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the color of water

My eyes express the color of water, Borrowed from sky and surface light, masking What is simple and set to a shifting Dance of shade, nothing fixed, but much broader Than any definition that’s offered. Truth changes, though I won’t call … Continue reading

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to all recovering baptist girls with tarot cards under their beds

Her parents called it occult, or a less forgivable act of knowing before faith, without the blind not-quite-trust herds have, more obstinacy that thinks it is led by unseesn shepherdy to where it wants to go, but she sees sheeple, … Continue reading

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