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I’ll not number your wrongs against mine measured in sterile clicks of abaci some might call forgiveness this walking away from counting everything Instead of seeing a deep weariness of keeping track and surrender to the weight of each colored … Continue reading

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Requiem for an appliance

Something standing in a house eight years unmoving should be family– those people we cannot move easily, stubbing toes sometimes on their hard edges & them without the grace or ability to apologize (it was our toes kicking them after all) … Continue reading

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Kitchen magic

Today we learn a cure for homesickness we jar like honey and a dessert to sweeten loneliness a bitter zest only palatable after rounded by time I will shape a magic of butter and flour under my hands and whispering simply … Continue reading

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Don’t get carried away by this–quadrille rewrite

Give me 59 small stones for my pocket and i will skip prayers across my creek for you that’s my faith– in stones and things harder than stone; pebbles my rosary and prayer is not just inside a voice but in it’s skipping over.

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