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A Systematic Derangement (prepositioning faith)

Above all overarching heavens and gods across borders of mind, after all is spoken against each tyranny along fences amid flocking birds, among dancing stars around the apex of morning before anyone leaps in front of that train of thought, under all dreaming, there is … Continue reading

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small stone 1/27/13

Scotch and Irish don’t mix, you said and I laughed at the pun.  Until the time you got into a fight with a taxi driver, who let us off in the Bowery after 1 a.m.  The choice was walk or … Continue reading

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Mali (lesson via radio and NY Times)

Mali slides through my speakers like a desert snake tonguing my ears, that word close to what I named a doll once, and another name: Malia–the name my mother wanted to call me but didn’t for reasons in 1966 that … Continue reading

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haiku heights: Rescue

there’s no mustached rogue cackling evil intentions I need rescue from

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small stone 1/25/2013

We walked to the point of Honeymoon Island once, you and I, and you laughed at the signs that said DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS and fed them anyway; that cloud of black and white gulls floating in front of … Continue reading

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The Edge of Chaos (a stroll through a few cortices and other landmarks)

There is no atlas for this country I  travel.  There are roads drawn through imaging and scalpels but none of them named Cherry, Peach, Plum, or those numbered state and county routes. Instead we have the foramen semiovale, not the semi-o valley fruiting between … Continue reading

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Uncountable longing translated to snow and expressed in lightness immeasurable while falling but building to impossible depth once snow strikes snow

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