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Small stone 1/31/2013

Degrees graphed like telemetry spikes on a screen, vacillating from 66 to 20 in 24 hours in a temperature flatline.  Call a code, someone.  Our climate has crashed.

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small stone 1/28/2013

Fog is not tiptoeing anywhere here tonight–it is flowing gray/black stripes across the road like a ghost tiger chasing winter.

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small stone 1/27/13

Scotch and Irish don’t mix, you said and I laughed at the pun.  Until the time you got into a fight with a taxi driver, who let us off in the Bowery after 1 a.m.  The choice was walk or … Continue reading

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haiku heights: Rescue

there’s no mustached rogue cackling evil intentions I need rescue from

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small stone 1/25/2013

We walked to the point of Honeymoon Island once, you and I, and you laughed at the signs that said DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS and fed them anyway; that cloud of black and white gulls floating in front of … Continue reading

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small stone 1/24/2013: Snow Synesthetic

What chef tapped sky three times like a full strainer to sift confectioner’s sugar four inches thick, onto trees and power lines?  Something this finely milled and precisely handled should taste like candycanes or dusted sugar; perhaps  even Wint-O-Green Lifesavers.  Cold candies our hours.

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small stone 1/23/2013

I love most the stories of saints that once rolled in the mud.

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