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small stone 1/24/2013: Snow Synesthetic

What chef tapped sky three times like a full strainer to sift confectioner’s sugar four inches thick, onto trees and power lines?  Something this finely milled and precisely handled should taste like candycanes or dusted sugar; perhaps  even Wint-O-Green Lifesavers.  Cold candies our hours.

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small stone 1/23/2013

I love most the stories of saints that once rolled in the mud.

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becoming (schizophrenic or woman)

it should be artless, this balance of welcome and reserve: one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman she did learn once what girls study in school, though witnesses will not testify and there are no books written with intelligence, … Continue reading

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snow day

six degrees freezes breath to steam new snow clings to my roof cloud-carved polar-bear hunger with icicle claws

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A Voice

A voice is a voice threaded through and chosen by words.  Or the voice chooses the words.  In a fusing this intimate, who can say which is which?  This is not a chicken-and-egg clichéd question, because there is no answer.  Today, I remember oranges, limes, … Continue reading

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small stone 1/21/2013

I should celebrate snow, each flake an individual marvel.  I wonder who exactly it was that compared each snowflake to another in a blizzard to state with authority that each arrangement of molecules per flake is unique.  Eventually the pattern … Continue reading

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small stone 01/20/2013

crepuscular, dim fever dreams floating in clouds bats drink bleeding light

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