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the miraculous reduced to the mundane

singular each of these falling is something new unseen in shape since the beginning shoveled from sidewalks brushed from cars what was unique drifts mundane in collective reduced by quantity to something less special and more routine in plural

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lake effect

snow on the equinox is silent, still, mulish; not the last grasp of winter in ditches and the shaded side of trees– this is cool rebellion written in Christmas-card perfect flakes slow and soft in their spiral, pale feathers lining … Continue reading

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carefully everywhere descending (apologies to ee)

Perhaps somewhere snow arranges itself carefully and everywhere descending, but here it is less pointillist and more whitewashing with a wide brush, painting over everything an annihilating sameness.

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Uncountable longing translated to snow and expressed in lightness immeasurable while falling but building to impossible depth once snow strikes snow

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small stone 1/24/2013: Snow Synesthetic

What chef tapped sky three times like a full strainer to sift confectioner’s sugar four inches thick, onto trees and power lines?  Something this finely milled and precisely handled should taste like candycanes or dusted sugar; perhaps  even Wint-O-Green Lifesavers.  Cold candies our hours.

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snow day

six degrees freezes breath to steam new snow clings to my roof cloud-carved polar-bear hunger with icicle claws

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what snowmen know

through I write my name there is no permanence to what’s written in snow

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