Haiku Heights Prompt: Desert (two meanings & two pronunciations)


no dry is deeper
sun steals water from our mouths
sieves our cactus skin


you leave me empty
& broken, the robin’s egg
craving its yolk

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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35 Responses to Haiku Heights Prompt: Desert (two meanings & two pronunciations)

  1. unfetteredbs says:

    wow Susan.. simply undeniably wow. Homerun on both

    • Audra–thank you! I was just going to do the one and then my quirky mind said–hmmm–one word, two meanings. had to do the second one…

      • unfetteredbs says:

        well done my friend. Your depth is unmatched

        • Oh, my…you are SO kind to me. Hey–here’s an image I didn’t use for either (changed prickly pear to cactus to conform to haiku format), but I am thinking you could do something fantastic with a desert haiku using prickly pear…

          • unfetteredbs says:

            my mind keeps going to dessert not desert. I tried already and i kept thinking pie cookies and ice cream .. as if i did not eat enough yesterday

            • Hah–I know what you mean. At least my daughter finished up the mince last night. I did the same thing this morning–mind kept traveling from desert to dessert–hence the prickly pear, perhaps–it is after all food. Probably a result of our feast day yesterday 😉

  2. mobius faith says:

    2 fantastic examples of haiku. Well done.

  3. wabisabipoet says:

    Well done! Especially loved “cactus skin”

  4. Very clever, for some reason I see a double meaning in yolk. Was that intended in your poem? Love can be a yolk around the neck!

  5. Sparkly Angel says:

    Awesome! The first one was so thoughtful and creative!

  6. Grace says:

    I love the set…great images for cactus skin and robin’s egg ~

  7. brudberg says:

    Lovely as usual 😉

  8. 4joy says:

    The intensity of these haiku left me breathless…honestly, I could feel myself taking shallow breaths!

  9. Meenakshi says:

    Both meanings run deep, moving, the first set is awesome!

  10. Excellent, Susan. I thought of Desert, as in the first one, but never desert. 🙂

  11. lolly says:

    Wonderful examples of haiku.

  12. Jeremy Nathan Marks says:

    I think I especially like the robin’s egg image. It is the blue of those eggs that stands out for me; so with the broken blue, I see a globe of water drained of its essence.

  13. Susan says:

    No empty is emptier
    When you take it I am broken

  14. Pranita says:

    Your haiku screams DESERT so beautifully Susan!
    Deserted dreams breathe on me

  15. MamaTim says:

    Brilliant, a masterpiece for a ‘dry’ topic, Susan..
    I have not submitted anything this week, just going round, admiring – ♥

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