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A Voice

A voice is a voice threaded through and chosen by words.  Or the voice chooses the words.  In a fusing this intimate, who can say which is which?  This is not a chicken-and-egg clichéd question, because there is no answer.  Today, I remember oranges, limes, … Continue reading

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small stone 1/21/2013

I should celebrate snow, each flake an individual marvel.  I wonder who exactly it was that compared each snowflake to another in a blizzard to state with authority that each arrangement of molecules per flake is unique.  Eventually the pattern … Continue reading

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small stone 01/20/2013

crepuscular, dim fever dreams floating in clouds bats drink bleeding light

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Small stone 1/14

The finch is quiet, though still wings remember heat– arcs of flight fading

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January softens to 62 degrees.  We open the windows, welcome air foamed with false spring.  My daughter says I missed the smell of the earth, and I know what she speaks to–that blend of mud and grass;  greens and browns rolling through … Continue reading

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01/14/2013 small stone

Dogs can whine stacatto–the black lab jittering in the cat section of the waiting room has dotted flights to sing–a song with teeth in it.

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1/11/13 small stone

I don’t need to have the last word or the first.  I must own each one I have been given in between.

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