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The marcher stumbles

How do you travel from that tie-dyed tent city of 1986, pegged and jogged across a continent for peace to now, your pulse threaded green on a heart monitor reassuring us you did not fall not yet. The answer is the walk … Continue reading

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for that personal god

drawing visions from the well of my spirit you stir blood into singing

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sky skimming

between morning sun and setting moon one paraglider hangs suspended in all that blueness

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if he runs out of paper skin becomes canvas patterned with paint and ink doodling walking art, he calls it

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we don’t know we are waiting

crocuses after the winter softens we don’t know we are waiting until we grow until we open and opening begin to sing sweetness

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let it guide you

this beacon light of me flickering if your eyes read this ciphered flash & know my patterns let it bring you past everything here

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I want to take you into me necessary as air, and as sweet so close our breathing matches my inhalation/your exhalation blended breath

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