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there is no safety net

there is just us falling or do we float together?

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of the more

of the more you are the most & my smallness leaps to the tallest feeling of this pouring like water into me &¬†escaping this mouth before I can dam it love ****Why is it lately these Cummings-like images enter my … Continue reading

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why we love

because I and you melt & diffuse into an us of limitless joy

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toothsome temptation

your lower lip pouts outward sweet lure for biting

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Amateur poets

we  Sunday drivers take hard turns along curves of language hit potholes of preaching spin tires in mud of our own making when we go offroad but hear us sing & sometimes watch us fly.

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the raccoon (2 haiku)

phantom flash of stripe masked bandit stuffs strawberries into laughing mouth paws counterfit hands shaped for stealing tomatoes prints proof he was here

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ice embraces azalea branches velvet buds held unmoving (insects in amber)

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