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the weight of a soul

the weight of a soul is less than a serving of potato chips, our salt counted out and savored too quickly not so much a taste as a remembered one that handful leaving us wanting more, asking is that all … Continue reading

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The marcher stumbles

How do you travel from that tie-dyed tent city of 1986, pegged and jogged across a continent for peace to now, your pulse threaded green on a heart monitor reassuring us you did not fall not yet. The answer is the walk … Continue reading

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falling by degrees

If this world is fallen then its fall is endless and controlled around the sun, saved by a greater gravity than what set it spinning; not so, our fall. But there are other kinds and states of falling:  fallen cities, falling … Continue reading

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we used to ride bikes here our tires fluttering with playing cards threaded & tied to the spokes how many times did we race past this spot where I would bury you?

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