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the perfect thing

for Kyle and Holly Yesterday a child was squeezed into being and breath, was weighed and gendered and possibly named but he’s no king of mine and no more miracle than the daily 370,000 squalling, shitting, hungry just born people … Continue reading

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two poems about the news

1. When we thought the earth was flat, science could be a matter of opinion; the solar system plotted as we know it a dangerous heresy. We thought we evolved. We thought we moved through our darker ages, but the … Continue reading

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No fairy tale

I am no princess waiting for rescue. Any tower I am inside I own the keys to and the dragon coiled at the base is of my own making.  You might bleed the price the thorns I planted as seeds require, surrounding … Continue reading

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slap-happy I own no mysticism even though so often I turn that other cheek set in permanent spin– darvesh one hand directed to heaven but this is no ecstasy the center dictating my direction skewed (pa)inward.

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becoming (schizophrenic or woman)

it should be artless, this balance of welcome and reserve: one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman she did learn once what girls study in school, though witnesses will not testify and there are no books written with intelligence, … Continue reading

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this poem has no name

we do not name ourselves borrowing first our fathers’ and then our husbands’ names adding them behind the first name like a string of  shiny beads telling the world who we belong to because we must belong to someone because … Continue reading

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in our place

I guess we feminist woman-loving/man-hating child devouring witches of women (which I have been told I am, just for having a voice and a mind, and not hiding either) no longer know our place and we need to be schooled on who … Continue reading

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