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I have looked into hurricane eyes & found the pause you call peace that I call breathing deep an energy save between screams don’t get used to the quiet it breaks easy

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have you heard the sound of the sun

the sun spins compositions the way stars shout across vacuum– electromagnetic spectra that resonate under matter we vibrate to like struck tuning forks but it is our substance the metal in our bones quiet bells sounding– the earth sighs, too & i … Continue reading

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the christmas tree farm

forests have voices but these farmed needled trees arranged in priced rows can only whisper wildness learned through roots touched to roots what it means to be pine a memory quietly hummed & almost scented beneath the bite of snow & resin … Continue reading

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be prepared

be prepared was what i learned in girl scouts but they never prepared me for anything besides making boondoggle & granny squares though mine were circles because i can never remember not to add a crucial turn of the hook … Continue reading

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tell me again how you are not grain to be ground down that already cracked these stones cannot mill you into anything finer & maybe outside reason i will love the whole into you again from all these fragments

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Haiku Heights Prompt: Desert (two meanings & two pronunciations)

1. no dry is deeper sun steals water from our mouths sieves our cactus skin 2. you leave me empty & broken, the robin’s egg craving its yolk

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there have been so many holiday dinners starting at the children’s table mistaking whipped turnips for mashed potatoes & having to eat them all once they hit my plate smiling past my throat closing on that hated taste I like … Continue reading

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