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Rule of Stupid

In the town where I reside the main shopping area is a fairly large sprawl. For all you Americans, yes, I know, it’s barely a block – but for England, it’s a large sprawl. We are a tiny island. If I spread my legs I’m in danger of trespassing on my neighbour’s land – although this is due to my exceptionally large

Included in this sprawl is a small subway area, with a couple of over-passes, some circles of benches and a few grassy knolls. This is a favourite haunt for the street beggar.

Offering begging advice on-line may seem futile, what beggar is going to have the internet (you’d be surprised)? But in these times of Sherbet Dib-Dab – sorry, Double-Dip recession, we could any one of us find ourselves set low by misfortunes indiscriminate doings.

In England certain measures were introduced a few years ago into employment law…

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