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Two Fibonacci poems from my spam folder

Please check the spare shoelaces, recognizable across earth for their welcome woosh. We will often defend a misunderstanding that always trusts what the stars said.

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subliminal pop

I wake up humming a song from 1984 I sing later in the shower flashback to Lauper’s orange hair & brilliant eyeshadow rasping my ears like a happy raucous parrot girls just wanna have fun I guess I still do … Continue reading

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Zoe, dancing

turning cartwheels in the church garden (mercifully on the grass) dark chocolate eyes blaze joy yes, she is the breath of God resuscitating life

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Thom #1

it is easy to love you while you sleep, arms wide in careless abandon small smile curving your lower lip so much easier than when you wake, yesterday’s anger still framing your eyes do not forget it is our differences … Continue reading

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occupy Monsanto?

Monsanto, maker of agent orange & roundup crafts what’s on our plates strive for 5 poisons a day, make some leafy green– kids, eat your spinach potato beetles dead striped shells clinging to leaves they dared to devour maybe some … Continue reading

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Amateur poets

we  Sunday drivers take hard turns along curves of language hit potholes of preaching spin tires in mud of our own making when we go offroad but hear us sing & sometimes watch us fly.

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my mother’s baptism

my mother’s baptism.

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