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Two Fibonacci poems from my spam folder

Please check the spare shoelaces, recognizable across earth for their welcome woosh. We will often defend a misunderstanding that always trusts what the stars said.

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Words From a Hat: Gender-bending (Dada random scramble)

some lived men culturally of displays and sequins 1970’s the preening as most nature their proudly effort who thanks Stardust it experience their todays with like badge shoes latest species stuff makeup glam dabbled power that grooming to Ziggy the peacocks … Continue reading

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steampunk spambabble

you should ought to must really should/should really need to should certainly have to want to should preferably be looking through browsing we think believe feel you may uncover awesome a several in the pretty perfect available ***oh, I love spammers.

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Found poetry (from my list of search terms)

1. white butterflies poem feeling physics kryptonite. the superman metonym an acrostic for graphite poetry on surface tension of water water cycle poet  poem over growth bases of matter monsanto poetry the new columbuses math cats/fiber poetry asthenosphere mining for gold poems milky … Continue reading

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Little White Wedding Dresses (found poem from spam)

little white wedding dresses in fabric pay more attention to frivolous feeling and I precisely wish to appreciate the absolute terrifying dilemma that made me cry over happiness what a great job you happen to be doing instructing men and … Continue reading

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how aryn asks for breakfast

remember we ate ice cream sometimes in the morning

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