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Fizzy Feelings and Fuzzy Physics: Motion II

By Susan L. Daniels and Noel A. Ihebuzor All life is motion compelled to move; you and I, we must move too even in apparent stillness our atoms vibrate past vision and all senses, rearranging with the simple harmonic motion of … Continue reading

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I want to take you into me necessary as air, and as sweet so close our breathing matches my inhalation/your exhalation blended breath

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our chemistry

this mad science passion, heated & distilled captured by drips into a flask left to age & softened by dust settling on the surface darkened by time its contents when opened should sublimate to something pure & uncatchable love (?)

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waiting for the storm

everything I am stretches towards & yearns to burn electric my skin rippling pure energy barely time to say yes & again that same yes a strike that cannot be cooled by just rain after thunder rattles my bones with … Continue reading

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I would prefer a slower burn between us, a steadier fire because, when this ignites all that will be left for us is the taste of metal in our mouths & a handful of ashes

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The Signing Stream: A Duet

By Noel Ihebuzor and Susan Daniels Susan: How do I hold the strength of this spring that sings and streams; waterfalls roaring against the shutter that struggles to hold them in and back, wrestles to dam them? Noel: What good is … Continue reading

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no boys allowed at the slumber party

All the girls that call themselves women buzz like bees circling a bouquet because the topic turns to love, to true love, to the love of your life & how they knew they found it & with whom. I am suddenly 16, … Continue reading

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