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new moon

we know this, this shadow sucking light until edges dissolve– hard white candy sickled to nothing we learn in cycles how night is a mouth always open forever swallowing how is this new

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September Heights Challenge: Moon (2 haiku)

this red moon is ours glowing bright, feigned innocence– white like other moons *** the man on the moon runs his fingers through oceans turns tides to pass time

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the day moon

today we watched a crescent moon navigate sky in afternoon blueness my son pointed & said he saw a man falling from the moon & wanted to know if I saw him too ***tell me this boy is not a … Continue reading

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the physical properties of desire

  the sigh that drives everything desire is simply desire & here we reach forĀ each other, welcoming our bridge of words and silence mirroring the draw between atoms echoing the lonelinessĀ of God for Adam the want of earth to hold … Continue reading

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perigee 1992: 2012 revision

perigee 1992: 2012 revision.

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Moon musings

who says we have said everything that can wax and wane poetic about this disc locked by gravity but still pulling the tides of the seas & our blood?

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the birth of the moon

I love the creation story, God calling all into being with a shout that lasted 6 days but tonight as heat lightning flows from cloud to cloud as if painted by a restless hand in constant motion backlit by moonlight, … Continue reading

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