the birth of the moon

I love the creation story,
God calling all into being
with a shout
that lasted 6 days

but tonight
as heat lightning
flows from cloud
to cloud
as if painted
by a restless hand
in constant motion
backlit by moonlight,

let’s entertain
the possibility
long before

our planet
took a lover
so eager,
& so matched to her
in mass

that when they met
in aย cataclysmicย grind
a part of each of them
tore away
& coalesced
into a pearl

(when you are
as a planet
is immense,
the size of our moon
is a trinket)

our mother caught
this pearl
in the net
of her gravity
& wears it
like a shining
lover’s token

or a reminder
never to get that close

***pinning this to the top on the blog for dVerse open link today.

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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22 Responses to the birth of the moon

  1. this is beautiful>>>>all is there, some concealed, some explicit. judeo-christian creation story (the religious) an alternative model steeped in the sensual and physical (heat, catalytic grind) some einstenian physics – gravitational pulls and orbits beautiful described as a necklace, and the moon as a trinket….yes, beautiful, the artistic imagination of the origins of our moon, the blue pearl around mother earth! Great poem!

    • Thank you, my friend–

      I neglected to say so yesterday–I am glad you are back where you have internet access, so I can enjoy your comments. I know you were doing important work, where you were needed, up past the clouds. Just wanted you to know your absence was acutely noticed by me, and you were missed!

      How selfish we poets are, wanting our words to reach specific ears, and quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

      I do love this poem,and am glad you liked it, too!

      • Glad to be back and to have access to your very well crafted songs – some thoughtful and touching, some teaching, others teasing….well fleetingly!

  2. Noel–my pleasure–and looking forward to more of your gorgeous singing!

    ….I will try hard to not make you blush more than once a week ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How wonderful ! I think even Heavenly Mother wears one! WONDERFUL Susan ~Sincerely Deborah

  4. unfetteredbs says:

    top notch — your words literally paint a masterpiece in my mind. Quite a ponderance
    (matches well with your new theme)

    • Audra–thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      You have rendered me speechless…

      • unfetteredbs says:

        laughing I see we are on the same clock.. or lack there of

        • Yes–no sleep last night for me…brain would not turn off. Sad to say the only time I see the sunrise is when I have insomnia ๐Ÿ™‚

          • unfetteredbs says:

            Susan+insomnia=great creating

            • awww, aren’t you sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

              I should have gotten up and written the lines still murmuring in the back of my head. Might have gotten at least 6 hours in ๐Ÿ™‚

              • unfetteredbs says:

                I do that all the time.. write in my head but never write it down. then is it gone…
                but most of the time I love the quiet of the night. Too many nights of no sleep in a row is frustrating but a few a week is rather nice

                • know what? You are SO right–between the noisy kids and the generalized chaos around here, it IS nice to have the house to myself once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • unfetteredbs says:

                    do you write with the purpose of rhythm of sound or with the rhythm of the words in your head?

            • Your question below–do I write with the rhythm of sound or with the rhythm of words in my head–I think it is a combination of both,but it is usually (unless I am writing in a form) an unconscious and automatic thing with me–some things just “sound right” together. Know what I mean?

              • unfetteredbs says:

                yes… automatic is exactly what happens. I was just curious. I had a feeling — you have a very natural(gift) flow to your writing.
                I’m reading a “texty” book on poetry..and I probably should not be.. that is why I asked

            • Audra–texty books on writing are fine, as long as they do not try to stifle the natural flow of poetic language, IMHO. Kind of like trying to learn to ride a bike by reading about it, when you are already pedaling away ๐Ÿ™‚

              • unfetteredbs says:

                laughing excellent explanation. I am sorta just refreshing my old archiac mind. I don’t want to tighten any of my loose screws. That would not be any fun

  5. Green Speck says:

    Wow … you gave a whole new meaning to creation …. romantically done ๐Ÿ™‚

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