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Atrazine and estrogen pink the ground water, shifting boy to girl– bull alligators growing ovaries and double-bull frogs croaking less and dreaming tadpoles instead of sperm it’s all fem- i- niz- ation, penis lengths shrink because femi- Nazi witch doctors work below the belt, … Continue reading

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(im)permanence: what i learned in elementary school

there was always sun & the rhythm of seasons in shortening & lengthening light falling & rising temperature patterns set as days, the stubborn optimism of each sunrise; the slow showy fade into twilight at its setting.  the insistence of spring … Continue reading

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eternal flame falls: a reflection

its all about contrasts: the water fine as threads strung over shale not deep enough or strong enough to stop that burning I used to see this fire and water fusion as opposites in a balanced dance a lesson for … Continue reading

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stones and water

everything here is stone & water; the slow moulding of glacier leavings by centuries of water wearing its path there is life flickering alongside & through this unhurried, subtle grind; evident in fossils & water spiders that skate on surface … Continue reading

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