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remembering animal

If life is motion, then we are the tellers of it, that primal spin in the pit of the pelvis a purposed flutter more tangible than a plus on an EPT or circled days on the Monet calendar.  So much … Continue reading

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occasional poem

an occasional poem for no reason says simply thanks for being

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life before cable

we are snow after the anthem and test pattern licked blue on the walls after midnight, those old antennaed ghosts, doubled and hissing prayer to a bandwidthed god

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Two Fibonacci poems from my spam folder

Please check the spare shoelaces, recognizable across earth for their welcome woosh. We will often defend a misunderstanding that always trusts what the stars said.

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My sun is coming up

If this is how you love, lover in a dance of steel and teeth, feathering pain across unwilling skin, take your need somewhere else, because your kisses leave me bloodless and I am no admirer of vampires, even those with metaphorical fangs.

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water lifts up those leaves floating seasonal teases on a platter of color.  gifts that touch us briefly– a butterfly kissing game flame-brushed & gone as fast as it is felt

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Midnight of the Spaghetti Western

The rolls the piano plays spin a dialogue scripted between greed and pathos, existential angst scaled over horse lather and cattle wearing new brands.  The real west was rougher and more honest than this.  Still, there is room for me … Continue reading

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