Day 30 self-cento

Worth skimming,
but I do not fear drowning.
and roller coasters.

it takes millennia to make anything
worked deep into spring soil
the way bears know it,
so they are smarter than us,
than any made rose
broken on pavement (even if the words
don’t rhyme)

What will set him off next,
in another 25 miles
deviled for lunch,

where I should see daffodils
under that yellow stone,
unfolding     at the core
until my eyes will open
and match its spin
over jetstreams like skipping rope

a tally of tears too fresh for counting.
are meant to go,
no matter how sweet that is      wise
kills everything of sustenance

Who knew warming could be so cold?
Shouting through frost,
stomping it flat.
I taste
sense of being
to grasp this less,
but no one’s telling.
it never left.
if you listen
and      can make sing
the shame/carried

rising from one mitochondrial Eve,
be prepared to get stepped on.

We did not know that America existed,
under the pillow, a smokeless burn.
Phlebotomy into common language
of a dancing plague.


**For day 30, I have made a cento, using the last lines of poems I wrote this month.

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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14 Responses to Day 30 self-cento

  1. heh-heh … you’re into phlebotomy today, too! Stong poem, Susan 🙂

  2. annotating60 says:

    I’m glad I read your explanation at the bottom. Was really confused.>KB

  3. I loved going down short-term memory lane with you on this one. 🙂 Congratulations on completing NaPoWriMo, Susan. And thanks for the encouragement you gave me this month on my blog.

  4. unfetteredbs says:


    • unfetteredbs says:

      Grr stupid phone. Crazy good here Susan. I’m curious, how long did this take you ?

      • Hmmm. Thanks Audra! The cobbling of the lines took about 20 minutes, but the whole poem took about a month, if you consider the source was the last line of most of the poems I wrote this month 😉

  5. Hmmm…a cento huh? A challenge?
    Loved this and –yes, I was looking for the moon as well….haven’t seen Gilgamesh in a while either come to think of it…but that’s mucho-pre-April…

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