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Spring is less tentative now, stretching degrees upwards to short-sleeve weather though snow still hides in ditches and the shaded side of trees, there is softening, opening of the air to blooming, untasted since tannins painted days sepia, yellowing the … Continue reading

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April isn’t cruel

April isn’t cruel. March is the bitch dressed in ice and mud, surrendering patches of green the sun frees, not with heat but insistent light. Sap runs now, the tips of trees greening despite the snap still in the air, … Continue reading

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Within Calling Without: A Duet

By Noel Ihebuzor and Susan Daniels outside my window, tree frogs and crickets are in full spring shout, like calling to like until they meet and are silent from within, behind my window, I hear their calls, calls from within, … Continue reading

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Lilacs pour perfume into May air, heady scent– I am drunk on spring

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hidden places

you find this one walking in the creek itself & turn hard right where the temperature of the water around your ankles drops from warm tadpole soup to chilled lemonade the animals know it & come here to drink; I … Continue reading

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May Day Haiku–just for fun

Spring will blush bright red & cover our nakedness with apple blossoms I’ll bring the blanket & taste your kisses gladly beneath the  fresh sky without shame the laughing sunlight as witness ***The idea for this haiku chain was stolen from a … Continue reading

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late spring snowglazes hyacinthspink to white

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