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some days

Some days must be met mouth open, gasped to swallow a heat that stains mouths shameless. Dizzy on sweet, aimless as bees tasting turned nectar we circle the day.  This is the dance. We know it, choreographed not in steps but hours, … Continue reading

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mist fills the shadow of the earth

this deep shading heavy with singing crickets and scents of summer drying coriander crushed under feet though they walk gently and I whisper sing of simple things the ordinary stretched across the longing universe resonating and echoing it and somehow … Continue reading

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the pause before fall

the air has that ripening apple smell & nights are cooler. still, summer threads sun to my skin in the afternoon to blend coconut lotion heated to a gentle simmer with my vanilla & honey soap to draw out bees … Continue reading

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bold as dandelions

bold as dandelions we bloom, too, in this bright heat explode like small suns

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2 summer haiku

I wrote these in 2010, on Gardenweb, so I guess those 17 years weren’t completely dry.  Marie’s poems regarding Japanese beetles tripped my memory, and I went and dug them up to share…. It’s a little early for both pole … Continue reading

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hidden places

you find this one walking in the creek itself & turn hard right where the temperature of the water around your ankles drops from warm tadpole soup to chilled lemonade the animals know it & come here to drink; I … Continue reading

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