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A planting haiku

tearing apart roots spun too long in small spaces– the break before bloom This was sort of inspired by Paul’s lovely haiku, here: http://poesypluspolemics.com/2013/05/27/vantage/ I love when that happens!

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Stravinsky said there was no tradition behind his rite, that he simply wrote what he heard, the vessel through which the sacre passed, and this is ritual without rote, a rise of all things rooted in dirt.  There is nothing … Continue reading

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when the weather breaks

Spring is an egg, chipped and spilling rain (not the blue robin’s egg we know, but the gray marble sky reflected in the nests of house sparrows). Impatient, we pace, count steamed breath, wait for weather to break, for what stirs under … Continue reading

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on peepers and ice booms

Spring comes late where the ice boom holds bloom until April the song starts soft, floats to kiss night after sun’s setting and there, unfolds to full cry, open throats singing the season Backstory on the Niagara ice boom.

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It is the snap of daffodils piercing mud they have been under too long sleeping, in the throats of peepers chanting all night their pagan worship suddenly, you know it– that pause happening only inside April, the indrawn breath the gasp from … Continue reading

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yellow crocuses

a month later than expected if they were planned this squirrel-planted surprise threads beneath my window in a thin, military row– small defiant suns shouting through frost  

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April: A cinquain

Snow lies: spring is here, coiled in curled fiddlehead ferns unfolding under snow, a thaw I taste

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