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Another 9/11

20 years later On September 10th The memorials begin And I can’t surf the wreckage Of another tower Or count the ashes Of lives sacrificed In a Pennsylvania field again We’ve been here before Tomorrow I will remember The moment … Continue reading

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we stand on bones we stand on ideas we stand on the bones of ideas grown & gone to seed buried (planted) watered with blood & harvested such bitter fruit staining our hands

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Grass Roots

Do not discount what grows everywhere and thrives independent of whether it is poisoned or fed, pulled or not pulled it keeps coming back this underfoot awareness of voices linking in a murmuring chain voices that feed each other, tangling, twining … Continue reading

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The elements

#1:  Fire Because fire warms & is the strength of the sun that ultimately nurtures everything, if relationships are elemental, then love is best expressed as fire & must be fed, even as it feeds us. #2:  Earth Matrix of all living, she … Continue reading

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