full worm moon

The robin’s voice
breaks the back of winter.

You can see it
if you know where to look:
the rise of sap
pinking the tips of maple branches
or dripped to thin cicles
snapped from tap mouths and tasted,
a kiss of snow,
the sweet before sugar.

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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10 Responses to full worm moon

  1. Alice Keys says:

    I like “the sweet before sugar”. Pulls together nicely. πŸ™‚

  2. Rhonda says:

    music to my ‘Vermont maple syrup’ ears. lovely sfam

  3. nelle says:

    Yes, yes, yes!

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