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Women Write Resistance to Violence

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It is easier to program a child than a VCR. Only three steps. Easy, time-tested, ancient, a sure thing. First, hurt the child. Hurt her a little, hurt her a lot, threaten to do more, things she can’t imagine. Since she couldn’t have…

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I used to mill pain to fine flour, call it love; this ground-glass kneaded and risen to bitter bread cutting my tongue, but nothing can live on a diet that simple, that sharp,  forever.

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paper airplane

we are as fragile, he says: fingers pleating paper as if he knows the constructs of heaven and hell the alignments of life and death; place and dust a casual and random flight loosed once and nosedived, airplaning into what’s forgotten

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mortality (a sedoka)

the raspberry leaves serrated, corrugated fall with whispers of autumn she knows she’s dying she says, but doesn’t feel it in her bones, at least not yet   For dVerse.

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Dilly Beans: Where mad scientist, gardener, and cook meet and shake hands

It’s the point of summer where the garden stops playing coy and yields everything at once.  I love fresh green beans for dinner and don’t mind taking a few minutes to blanch what we don’t use and freeze them for … Continue reading

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seventy times seven

That’s 490 times I’m supposed to forgive you but who’s counting? Eventually this math of us becomes less additive and more subtractive so that somehow we two together are less than the whole we were at the start.

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Dumped by Romeo

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the middle ranking characters in Shakespeare plays ? If it’s a comedy, the principal characters get married- Beatrice and Benedick, for example. And if it’s a tragedy,…

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