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Not even worthy of a title

How does this poem differ from thoughts and prayers sent to people full of thoughts and prayers so full when their mouths open words pour out floral and lacy as funeral cards but minus the cash. How does this poem … Continue reading

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empty pedestals

After the stones fall we should have something here bigger than the bones of a war lost but still dug up over and over, resurrecting dead who simply want sleep we should have a monument to loss but it needs … Continue reading

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I used to mill pain to fine flour, call it love; this ground-glass kneaded and risen to bitter bread cutting my tongue, but nothing can live on a diet that simple, that sharp,  forever.

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Haiku Heights: Pain

something so well formed should never shatter to shards– glass that cuts my palms

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bitter water

they say life begins with the first drawn breath. He must not pour olive oil on it or put incense on it, his offering,  because it is a grain offering for jealousy, his offering is seed a reminder-offering to draw attention to … Continue reading

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Elizabeth (15 minutes)

held in mother arms too soon rocked by a body she should be joined to still by that rope of blood now cut pushed from weightless swimming into light before eyes are ready for it to air before lungs can … Continue reading

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just get over it already

there is no alternate ending where instead of offering up our palms in a mudra of helplessness or surrender we get the love back watching you piece this broken us together, like a jigsaw but with sharp edges and pieces … Continue reading

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