Who is scared of a big bad breast?

I spent months on my lunch break in a bathroom using a breast pump when I worked in a hospital in order to keep breastfeeding my son after a return to work. Needless to say, this touched a HEAP of nerves. We need to support women who breastfeed.

Girls' Globe

I live in New York, and I see them everywhere – on subways, in coffee shops, on park benches, lying on their sides on picnic quilts, in restaurants while others are eating around them, in buses, in supermarkets, in department stores, on the streets. Women, pulling out their breasts from under their shirts, clipping open their bras, sometimes exposing a nipple, to feed a hungry child in the middle of a public place. I see them, and I think to myself:

How in the world could anyone, ever, have an issue with this?

I am a native of Finland, and I realize that our relationship with nudity in general is very different than in many other countries, largely due to our sauna culture which is as essential to being a Finn as 4th of July barbecues are for Americans. We grow up understanding that a naked body, or bare breasts…

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5 Responses to Who is scared of a big bad breast?

  1. Heartafire says:

    Since some people are shall we say “uptight” about women exposing their breasts, even to nurse,
    I would suggest throwing a baby blanket or small towel to cover…or not. If one is uncomfortable they can look away. Great topic of discussion.

    • Heh. I have a story about this. I was home with my daughter shortly after her birth, and had her under a baby blanket flipped over my shoulder/chest while a friend was visiting me. She was turning all sorts of shares of red, so I asked her what was wrong, and she said–“well, I can’t see anything, but I KNOW you’re nursing under there.” God help us.

      • Heartafire says:

        When will people understand what a natural process this is…and baby is not going to wait for company to leave, I can vouch for that! 😉

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    Why do you suppose we are the only mammals who feed our babies the milk of other mammals than our own?

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