It’s not so much the cross words
any will work in laddered spontaneity
we call a game.  Language
is promiscuous, links  to fill
missing letters, words twisted to fit
any story.  Avoid bozo or orgasmic
if you can, but in the end it’s not the names we call
or what is promised
but the number of points each letter gives:
Fucking is a great triple-word score;

so good even nuns will use it.


***all about puzzles at Dverse today.

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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77 Responses to Scrabbling

  1. annotating60 says:

    Susan loved it. There is something about the way you write ‘Fucking’ into a poem that works for me the way no other person doing it can.>KB

  2. louisajs says:

    Love this! Simple and a great ending.

  3. brian miller says:

    is promiscuous, links to fill…i like…and fucking as a triple letter word score…ha…if i was drinking something i surely would have spit it out there…ha…was good to see the other day you were back writing…and great to see you back in the pub too…smiles.
    and the nuns…a riot….

    • Great to see you too, Brian–and thanks. I have had three weeks of visual migraines, which do not help with my job, or writing or reading much, so I am glad I can visit you guys today!

      I know I am not supposed to laugh at my own jokes, but when the muse led there, I was snickering 😉

      • Alice Keys says:

        Lucky girl. I love visual migraines. Mine come to seldom and last too short. Beautiful and NO headache (YAY). But I can’t read or drive till they pass. I’ve found this to be good as well.

        • Yes–they are truly a new way to look at the world. I often wish I had the auras my sister did, with hopping blobs of color, but my double vision that I get is something quite interesting too 😉

          • Alice Keys says:

            ONce upon a time I only got the jagged lines of white lightening as prodromes to actual headaches. YUK.

            Now I get the most fabulous multicolor psychedelic mandalas that spin, flash and hover and blot out areas of my vision. They are brilliant things of great beauty. I’ve never seen anything like them outside my visual cortex. And no headaches afterwards. Rare, short-lived and intermittent.

  4. claudia says:

    haha..oh i like.. sometimes we do things we wouldn’t do usually just to make points right… ha… fun take susan

  5. Mary says:

    When I finished the poem, I laughed aloud in my empty house (unless you count the dogs – ha). I used to live NEXT to a houseful of nuns when I first started teaching. No comment. I truly would guess they don’t even blush. Heck, any word counts in Scrabble. This is one of my favorites of yours.

  6. Miriam E. says:

    hahaha what a close. smart and tightly penned. brilliant, Susan.

  7. I haven’t used that word in my poem, ha ~ Good to see you again Susan ~

    Happy weekend ~

  8. heidi says:

    My children just stopped playing to ask me why I was laughing. I really want today Scrabble now.

  9. hypercryptical says:

    Clever and fun close Susan – made me smile, lots!
    Anna :o]

  10. just what do you have against bozos and orgasms? – LOL – loved it

  11. janehewey says:

    triple word score!

  12. Susan says:

    Ok, you got me cackling too–but only at the shocking conclusion. I like “laddered spontaneity we call a game” and the gains from twisting…so that it is less words but people who are fickle. In the end, you prove that too! I’d be happy to play scrabble with anyone, even a nun, without the challenge rules.

  13. Marya says:

    Ha, hard to retain the rest of the poem after the climactic conclusion! Love it, especially the juxtaposition of nuns.

  14. Very powerfully crafted – made me snicker and chortle with delight. I am a scrabble addict so your words I think had a wee bit of extra sauce for me 🙂

  15. nelle says:

    Now that made me laugh. Lets see if they can work in cunnilingus.

  16. This seems to have many meanings to me on multiple levels. To me, this said that it doesn’t matter as much which words you use, it’s how you use them which is complex enough but I sense a much deeper meaning too / just trying to figure it out

  17. Wonderful poem, Susan. Me likey. Just occurred to me that in scrabble, letter length does not matter!

    Letter shape and length count for little.
    rarity of usage, limited occurrence in words,
    place selectivity fuse to determine assigned letter weight

    letter position and point of insertion in laddered
    oppositional copulation and co-creation
    create the screams, wows and winces –

    The language challenged grope poorly here
    cunning linguists glow and bloom on these squared battle fields

  18. Language is promiscuous .. and that brilliant end.. a great start of my day.

  19. Rowan Taw says:

    I’ve never been one for scrabble, but now I think I’ve been missing out!

  20. That’s a puzzle prompt well done.

  21. George Ellington says:

    So fun, Susan. I am still giggling about this.

  22. Beth Winter says:

    Oh my word! Even the nuns use it. I love it.

  23. unfetteredbs says:

    Top of your game here Susan. Way to drop the F- bomb.

  24. Ray Sharp says:

    sometimes we play “dirty scrabble;” double points for any risque connotations

  25. Alice Keys says:

    This made me snicker to myself. Any word is good…except ‘galore’. I HATE that word. I wouldn’t care how many fricking points it won. 😉

  26. Beth Camp says:

    Welcome back. I hope those migraines simply go away and stay away. Your poem is delicious! I sent your e-mailed poem on to a colleague who’s teaching a five-week intensive poetry class to college kids. You really got the competitive edge of Scrabble and that finely tuned rhythm of poetry here. Wonderful!

  27. BroadBlogs says:

    Fucking is a great triple-word score;

    so good even nuns will use it.

    Win at any cost! Who knew nuns were such fun.

  28. Rhonda says:

    a true word witch. love this and how come when YOU swear it’s as if no other word would do? brilliant (and never pass an opportunity to throw in a nun)

  29. This is not outrageous at all. And only you manage to achieve that. 🙂 Brilliant, my friend.

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