mirror the equinox

the wheel balances and turns,
from birth to fading;
there is evenness
between light and dark today,
birth of autumn
autumn of birth,
today dark and light between;
evenness is there
fading to birth from
turns and balances,
wheel the equinox

***My first attempt at palindrome.  what fun I had, reading my poetry backwards to find one I could play with that read sorta well forward and reversed.  Owwwww–my brain hurts and I am off to bed!


About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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14 Responses to mirror the equinox

  1. Love it! Thank you for playing along!

  2. annotating60 says:

    Is your goal of somany poems witten un so many days a self restriction, or one inposed, let’s say—perhaps by a work shop? I don’t think you can’ sorta’ have a palindrome unless it follows the rulse of spelling the same way backwards as forward, ie.’

    A, man a plan, a canal, panama –amanap, lacnac a, nalp a, nam A

    The trouble with restrictions is that are very distinct in how they must be followed. And poets tend to use them when they can’t think if anything else to write about. Also, the tend to get left at the sie of the road when their difficulty at maintenance becomes extremely a
    arduous. Ithink you other poems than this one where of a much better quality and artistic.
    Exercises are good to keep he mind sharp but no thepresent to the wrold as simply saying here is a poem I made. What do you ? Love me, love my poetry?

  3. boomiebol says:

    Nice! You are one brave lady attempting these forms, well done!

  4. Shah Wharton says:

    Oh you clever one! X

  5. ruleofstupid says:

    Me like your poem your like me!

  6. nelle says:

    You had to throw that in at the end, and make my brain hurt as well. 😉 I cannot even imagine what effort it took to assemble this.

  7. This is so clever, Susan. I could never attempt this. Well done.

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