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the right depth of water

the movement married to this water is reflective and gentle ripples laughing peace soft currents that tease bare feet to wade & persuade sun to dance

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cicada warnings

cicada warnings in continual sharp songs July is ending

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Koi no yokan

Koi no yokan, how a language that even when exhaled in whispers brings to mind lightly breathed scolding with tight consonants and tense-strung vowels buzzing and stinging ears with razored half notes that this language can speak gently such recognition … Continue reading

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any ghosts I have are my own mourned, buried & walked away from no oneĀ asked me to cover a voice with the earth of my grieving before you bury me forever, really bury me you have to dig me up … Continue reading

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breaking the cage

something so live cannot stay still or pace in prescribed patterns indefinitely though it is almost civilized into submission I remember wildness roaring or purring through my blood wisdom that dream-talks and says I am made to hunt to gather … Continue reading

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HH Prompt: forget-me-not

today’s sky glows with flawless forget-me-not blue I will remember

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bad relationship poem #550

once you get past 100 in this series you know it’s far past time to run just look down once in a while because the celestial sense of humor that put us together in the first place & the second … Continue reading

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