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Bibliomancy Oracle Prompt #1 (prey)

I know silence.  I know standing apart and waiting the approach of a fox, the shadow of a hawk sharper than any cloud floated across mud. I know that dark, implied, The bite of it, the promise, the prayer a pulse can speak staccatoed, without … Continue reading

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After 17 years on a floppy, here is an unedited chapter from my novel–I have lots more of it than I thought…

Chapter Two I arrive home late, want to tell Stan about the calls, but he’s in his office with the door closed. This means he’s either writing or grading essays. Whatever he’s doing, he won’t appreciate being interrupted. I yank … Continue reading

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this valley distorts sound so you can’t tell from which direction death is coming thin hunting calls of coyotes echo everywhere, slip inside open windows into my ears body poised for flight until I remember I am safe beneath blankets … Continue reading

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