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Kitchen magic

Today we learn a cure for homesickness we jar like honey and a dessert to sweeten loneliness a bitter zest only palatable after rounded by time I will shape a magic of butter and flour under my hands and whispering simply … Continue reading

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Don’t get carried away by this–quadrille rewrite

Give me 59 small stones for my pocket and i will skip prayers across my creek for you that’s my faith– in stones and things harder than stone; pebbles my rosary and prayer is not just inside a voice but in it’s skipping over.

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The desert mother

I will birth children here absolute as stone innumerable as sand and name each one faith

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For Jimmie

When a poet dies the land is not poorer because it holds bones loosely that once sang the resonance of stone and understood what leaves whispered When a poet dies the air echoes her mouth shaping sound that kiss of breath in her voice … Continue reading

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In tarot 9 is completion/attainment the ending and the beginning Not alpha and omega but this 9 9 meeting to pray 9 deaths are a numerology of loss something uncountable and hopefully over because we are full of it

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I should be baking cake or inflating black balloons or making dinner plans but there’s nothing to celebrate that’s live so I’ll give you this moment of my should be doings instead of this intolerable is.

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The difference between riot and revolution depends less on calculating the number of windows broken, shots fired, or naming and cataloging our dead. The definition rises in smoke from what’s burned quantifiable only after the burning.

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