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For Stephanie

You loved children. You taught vacation bible school in the summers. You worked on the church nativity scenes, but what I want to know what I need to know is that, just once and maybe more than once you opened … Continue reading

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vibrating one music

we play each other your fingers my strings my mouth your instrument all one in this us this resonating joy we practice shaped with lips & fingertips

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love it

joy bubbles up as it does when we touch even briefly yes, no word for it but joy, large and breaking with satisfied pops spattering condensing and preserving sweetness like boiling fruit and sugar for jam because you bring me bouquets of happy … Continue reading

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a created thing birthed from a stone mother I can only shape what is seen and sing it not into being, just of it I am/we are the flaw in the symmetry of the universe the exception at the core … Continue reading

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because you made me smile this is yours

this is yours because today you coaxed out a smile from where it hid in a corner, pale and dusty and it flew to my lips and stayed sweet because your gifts are a rush of hummingbird wings on my eyelids, a … Continue reading

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brightness I yearn to taste faster than snowflake on my tongue melting sweet or cupped sunlight escaping palms unkeepable joy still skipping this shared and witnessed perfect transience  

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joy HH prompt

sky slowly brightens with sun drawn into morning birds sing naked joy *** most precious of joy you are such sweetness blooming within my spirit

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