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Faking it

There’s no twerking in this commercial by the fish by the cakes by the light bulbs. It’s the new Walmart they’re selling now: the squeeze cheese glows Chernobyl yellow, stocked by a simulated employee who talks about paid for education and … Continue reading

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temporary things

Apollos, we made our visits there are maps made of the moon & no goddesses to draw down can anything surprise her now, after clouds caul her new face imitations of second sight meaningless to stone that has orbited everything once … Continue reading

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positivity (shaking from coffee)

this beat in my bones is just vibrato strummed to syncopate with rattlesnake precision the pulse under my voice nothing like strength, just neurotransmitted lightning struck synapse to synapse in flashes behind eyes some call brilliance but really random hits streamed … Continue reading

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faces on a wall (inspired by Chuck Tingley’s freestyle painting video)

graffiti eyes and mouths borrow form from the wall and, lacking something like enough hunger, they become bases for new faces sprayed over and rising from each other generations of cheekbones and jawlines rising for a moment then overlapped smiling (or is … Continue reading

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