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I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?

This is not why we are born

This is not why we are born, So that our deaths and the men that make then can become the next step in the social medialization of outrage, the emoji tears for a murder scattered in bytes and not sliding … Continue reading

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No more heroes

Superman doesn’t fly anymore since his heart stopped and now, with Lois Lane dead who would he rescue anyway? Our problems are too tricky to solve by spinning the planet backwards anymore/anyway We outgrew our old superheroes and made new … Continue reading

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today, when the crocuses open

today, when the crocuses open so yellow, so birthdayish and so late that I have both together this once and in May is remarkable I will thread them with forget me nots and smile for the sake of all your … Continue reading

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Not even worthy of a title

How does this poem differ from thoughts and prayers sent to people full of thoughts and prayers so full when their mouths open words pour out floral and lacy as funeral cards but minus the cash. How does this poem … Continue reading

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empty pedestals

After the stones fall we should have something here bigger than the bones of a war lost but still dug up over and over, resurrecting dead who simply want sleep we should have a monument to loss but it needs … Continue reading

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Base economy

The food pantry is out of rice but has plenty of boxed potatoes leaving room for barter a base economy of beef stew traded for tomato soup or egg noodles for rice Me?  I wanna be base-less and free of … Continue reading

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They call it grief bacon that cushion of extra tasty layered over pain It is not delicious? Nothing sweeter than old tears lacing chocolate.

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