November sounds are secrets

November sounds are secrets;
the dance of branch against branch
unquieted by leaves and newly naked,
or the rasp of snow on snow,
a whispered shift

subtle as eyelashes kissing
in a blink, that soft
more seen than heard

but there, hummed
in the heavy-bellied sky
belling winter

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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51 Responses to November sounds are secrets

  1. Snow in November? Move. Although you might end up here in Essex where it seems to have done nothing but rain for weeks…

  2. ManicDdaily says:

    The heavy-bellied sky describes that descending bell of winter beautifully. Thanks, Susan. k.

  3. claudia says:

    subtle as eyelashes kissing…nice…there’s something so gentle in the first snow… we already had some in the black forest… magical..

  4. Definitely loved the imaginary. And it is such a tender write, with heart warming words. 🙂

  5. brian miller says:

    nice…i like the butterfly eye lash kisses…..the well bellied sky belling in winter…we have that tonight….might snow….but def freezing out…

  6. scotthastiepoet says:

    Hi Susan, I like the acute and confident economy of this piece, that still achieves the desired intensity of expression – beautifully done… With Best Wishes Scott

  7. jeglatter says:

    Ahhhh, just what I needed–some romance around here! I so love fall.:) Beautiful Susan!

  8. Miranda Stone says:

    Gorgeous poem!

  9. unbridledbaloney says:

    love the imagery and the softness..

  10. Pat Hatt says:

    November should share, but instead hides secrets and gives us snow, how rude lol

  11. balroop2013 says:

    Hi Susan…nice poem but seems incomplete!
    winter….slowly creeping into my garden
    can’t hear the welcome sound
    either she or me…
    both sharing the little joys
    of winter sunshine
    of dewdrops…waiting
    for the lovely sounds of falling snow
    the crackling of wood in my fireplace
    the cosy comfort of my home!

  12. I live in Rochester and woke up to snow covered grass. I love every image in this poem…belling winter is one of those images that stays with a reader.

  13. charlypriest says:

    I hate winter, but reading this you´re making me love it.

  14. BroadBlogs says:

    Ummm, love this. Really beautiful.

  15. unquieted by leaves and newly naked,
    or the rasp of snow on snow,
    a whispered shift

    A very strong and powerful poem.

    Your words sing to the universe,
    soothing its’ beautiful stars in the milky-way skies.

    I love this piece. 🙂

  16. “subtle as eyelashes kissing…” such a lovely description! Nicely penned!

  17. nelle says:

    Love it… love environmental portrayals… insert reader here.

  18. shanyns says:

    Very lovely piece. Just perfect for November!

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