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the world has a heart

barefoot and closer to growing he speaks what green feels he sways to the drum of this world– the heart the driving undiscovered pulse at the core

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cooking with honey

I could simmer gold prettiness steeped with rosemary and a hint of balsamic– a glaze to drizzle over something delicious, but now, right now, I want my honey raw and stolen, a comb sweetened by stings and primal, the way bears … Continue reading

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The 14 Essential Differences Between Writers and Storytellers

Originally posted on Trent Lewin:
Writers embrace the lost art of using a typewriter, but have now morphed into the age of computers and file storage in the cloud.  Storytellers have recently evolved out of the practice of flinging their…

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on giving blood

The needle in the fold of my elbow siphons its pint slowly, that thin line of blood similar to what ties me to my children. I feed this, too; life in sanitized, filtered units, impersonal, cooled for delivery. I will not … Continue reading

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Accidental encounters make tides possible, or breath.  The moon circles, a controlled, daily near miss pulling tides and weather; orbited evidence of primordial chaining similar to the random engulfment that addicts us to oxygen; our 36 possible mothers rising from one … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookies

Wisdom, like coffee, is never good instant. You hold the keys to success.  Don’t lock them in the trunk. Chinese Zodiac gone bad:  the snake swallows the rabbit. Chinese Zodiac revenge:  the horse tramples the snake. The dragon breathes on the horse, … Continue reading

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poor man’s manure

April snow is sullen, heavy, yellowed with pollen but determined to stall budding. We shake our heads at flakes falling past their season, mutter threats against weather as we take out shovels and brushes just put away, but my farmer neighbors welcome it, … Continue reading

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